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Four factors for choosing activated alumina carrier


Four factors for selecting activated alumina carrier:

1. Reduce the manufacturing cost of activated alumina carriers: give full play to the technological advantages of the sintering method to produce alumina, improve and optimize the preparation process of the carbonization method to produce pseudo-boehmite and its series of products, and produce activated alumina carriers with different properties. Reduce its processing cost and expand its scope of use.

2. Development of activated alumina carrier with large pore volume: Recent data show that the development of activated alumina carrier with large pore volume has become a development trend at home and abroad. Studies have shown that catalysts made of large pore volume carriers have higher catalytic activity, selectivity and conversion rate than small pore volume carrier products. Therefore, the development of large pore volume activated alumina carriers is the future development direction.

3. Develop an activated alumina carrier with reasonable pore size distribution: From a microscopic point of view, the catalytic reaction is mainly realized through the well-developed inner surface of the carrier, that is, the reaction is carried out on the pore wall of the carrier. To make the catalytic reaction complete, first To make it easy for the molecules of the raw gas to enter the mesopores from the macropores and then into the small pores. After the reaction proceeds, the molecules of the product move from the small pores, the mesopores to the macropores, and then diffuse from the macropores to the catalyst particles to become products. Therefore, the activated alumina carrier is not as good as the larger the pore volume. An activated alumina carrier with reasonable micropore distribution should be developed to improve its selectivity and conversion rate in the catalytic process.

4. Improve the strength of the activated alumina carrier: The strength index is very important for the activated alumina carrier in actual use. Whether it is loaded into a reaction tank or an absorption tower, the poor strength of the carrier will powder the catalyst, block the reaction pipeline, and reduce Carrier recycling efficiency, while pursuing large pore volume, attention should be paid to improving the mechanical strength of the carrier.



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