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High efficiency adsorption characteristics of molecular sieve


Molecular sieves have high affinity for H2O, NH3, H2S, CO2 and other polymer polarities, especially for water, at low partial pressure (even below 133 Pa) or low concentration, high temperature (even above 100℃), etc. There is still a high adsorption capacity under severe conditions. Molecular Sieve Manufacturers

The adsorption of molecular sieve under low partial pressure or low concentration: when the relative humidity is 30%, the water absorption of molecular sieve is higher than silica gel and activated alumina. With the decrease of relative humidity, the superiority of molecular sieve becomes more and more obvious, while the adsorption capacity of silica gel and activated alumina increases with the increase of humidity. When the relative humidity is very low, their adsorption capacity is very small; the high temperature adsorption of molecular sieve: Molecular sieves are useful high-temperature adsorbents. At 100 ℃ and 1.3% relative humidity, molecular sieves can absorb 15% by weight of water, which is 10 times larger than the water absorption of activated alumina under the same conditions; and more than 20 times larger than silica gel. Therefore, at higher temperatures, molecular sieves can still absorb a considerable amount of water, while activated alumina, especially silica gel, greatly loses its adsorption capacity; molecular sieve high-speed adsorption: molecular sieve targets polar molecules like water at a very high partial pressure or concentration. The adsorption rate at low time far exceeds that of silica gel and activated alumina. Although the equilibrium water absorption of silica gel is higher than that of molecular sieve when the relative humidity is high, with the increase of the linear velocity of adsorbate, the water absorption rate of silica gel becomes less and less efficient than molecular sieve.



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