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BS series

BS series

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  • Date of issue:2021-02-05
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The compressed air produced by the air compressor undergoes purification treatments such as water removal, dust removal, and oil removal, and enters the two adsorption towers of the nitrogen generator. The adsorption tower is equipped with carbon molecular sieve. The carbon molecular sieve adsorbs oxygen molecules but has very little adsorption of nitrogen molecules. In this way, most of the nitrogen molecules can smoothly enter the nitrogen buffer tank through the airflow distribution system for collection and utilization. The two towers of the nitrogen generator work alternately without any duty. Compared with the traditional nitrogen production method, PSA nitrogen production system has the characteristics of simple equipment composition, fast gas output speed, light weight, small size, unattended operation, convenient operation and maintenance, and low nitrogen production cost, so it is widely used. At the same time, optional items such as LCD touch screen, box structure, linkage design, and remote transmission function can meet the higher requirements of the PSA nitrogen generation system. Carbon molecular sieve can simultaneously adsorb oxygen and nitrogen in the air, and its adsorption capacity also increases with the increase of pressure, and there is no obvious difference in the equilibrium adsorption capacity of oxygen and nitrogen under the same pressure. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve effective separation of oxygen and nitrogen only by pressure changes.


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